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Children in disaster relief mission

Empowering the life of every child

Our mission

Child United in the Philippines disaster relief

Child United provides disaster relief and educational opportunities to poverty-stricken children in developing regions around the world. 


Through relief efforts and academic resources, these children become empowered to grow into independent adults who will then become supportive leaders in creating a self-sustaining community.

What we do

We deliver real and lasting change to those challenged by extreme poverty and disasters around the world. We tackle these complex issues in:

Education - 3 icon.png

The cycle of poverty can only change when you start educating children at an early age.


Through Child United's education efforts, we've seen children grow into responsible adults who are helping their own communities thrive. 

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When a disaster hits, it affects those living in extreme poverty the most.


At Child United, we've worked 'on-the-ground' and provided relief to those families living in extreme poverty. 

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A rich and thriving community can only grow if and when basic necessities are met.

Through our efforts, Child United has helped 25k families worldwide build from the ground up. 

What we've accomplished

Through educational outreach, disaster relief, and community assistance, Child United has helped more than 25,000 people around the world.  

During their most desperate time of need, Child United delivered relief to thousands of people in the Philippines after one the worst typhoons devastated the country. 


The volunteer team traveled to devastated areas and personally supplied affected families with food, basic necessities, medical supplies, and building supplies.

Watch the video to find out more about their relief efforts.

Disaster relief efforts

How we do it

$0.89 of every dollar goes directly to our projects







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Child United team packing up food supplies


Child United giving to kids


Child United during mission

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