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Child United team on the ground in Philippines

The Child United story

A family trip started it all

Founder Christine with children in Bantayan Island

It was a family trip to the Philippines that started it all. 


In 2007, Christine Umayam traveled with her family for a hard-earned vacation. She expected a beach vacation and a chance to be with the family she hadn't seen in years. But it didn't turn out as expected.


It turned into a life-changing mission to help children.

What she saw as she stepped off the airplane devastated her. She couldn't forget the images of begging children alongside the road. From the little girl in a dirty pink dress to the half-naked boy with his hand held out. They were begging for someone to pay attention. 


And she paid attention.


This trip completely changed the way Christine viewed the world. She knew she needed to make a difference in the lives of children living in extreme poverty and devastation. That's how Child United was formed. 


Since then, Child United and its team of volunteers has helped empower children in seven countries around the world. Through educational assistance, community development, and disaster relief, Child United's grassroots efforts helped 25k+ people living in deplorable conditions. 

The US Congressional Medal of Honor Society recognized Child United Founder Christine Umayam for her work with children in 2011.


The organization nominated her for the 'Citizen Before Self Honor' award, a program that honors citizens who either demonstrated acts of bravery to save a life or lives or those who have demonstrated extraordinary service to others for an extended time.


Christine was one of 10 people nominated in 2011 and the only Filipino-American woman to ever been nominated.

US Congressional Medal of Honor Society for Child United

US Congressional Medal of Honor Society 

Top Honors and Awards

Aside from the US Congressional Medal of Honor Society's recognition, Child United received several honors from organizations within the Seattle community.

Top Contributor to the Asian Community by NW Asian Weekly 2010

Excellence in Youth Leadership by the Pinoy Reporter 2011

Women's Leadership Award by the Women in Small Business 2010

Child United was also recognized by several state Congressional leaders including Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna in 2011. 

Christine Umayam - NW Asian Weekly Top Contributor Award

Top Contributor to the Asian Community

NW Asian Weekly, 2010

Tagumpay Awards Christine Umayam Honoree

Excellence in Youth Leadership by the Pinoy Reporter, 2011

Women Leadership Award for Christine Umayam

Women's Leadership Award by Women in Small Business, 2010

Letter of Honor to Child United

Letter of recognition by WA State Attorney General in 2011.

Chid United in the news

Child United's story and its efforts have been reported across news channels around the world. Here are a few highlighted stories:

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